Family to Family Giving Circle

Service, servant leadership, community involvement and civic engagement are important to me as an individual and even more so as a  mother. And I've included my two precious sons into my volunteer efforts since they were toddlers.

I don't know about you, but parenting during this pandemic has afforded me, and us as a family, both opportunities and challenges. Many conversations at our kitchen table this last year have been about what we can do to help people during these uncertain and difficult times. I found myself listening to my sons and saying they had to wait until they are older to actually carry out some of what they envision. Then I stopped one day and thought "why am I asking them to wait?" "What can we do now?" This is how the Family to Family (Fam2Fam) Giving Circle idea came to life.

How the  Fam2Fam Giving Circle works:
-Families (as defined by you) become Fam2Fam Members. The intention is to include children in Kindergarten and up in order to incorporate them into the nominating and decision-making process.
-Fam2Fam Members each contribute $14.40 every quarter, plus a $24.00 annual membership fee which covers the cost of processing online payments/contributions. The goal is to have at least 100 Fam2Fam members every quarter.
-Fam2Fam Members nominate:
     1) a young person;
     2) a family;
     3) an individual or organization that supports youth and/or families; or, 
     4) a program or project for youth or a school.
-Each nominee is entered into our "Blessings Bowl" and three (3) names will be chosen every quarter.
-Fam2Fam Members meet every quarter to review the nominees and vote on whom to select to receive $1440. If more than 100 Fam2Fam members have contributed, a decision will be made to increase the amount of the give-away or award more than one nominee.

Corapolis Community Development Community Garden

My sons (then 3 and 2) and I prepping planting beds for a community garden project that now serves 150 families every week and produces between 1500-2000 pounds of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs every year.

Yes, I want to become a Fam2Fam Member!


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